Vibration is our own unique energy frequency or energy signature.   It is the current state of our energy as a result of all our beliefs, emotions, experiences and interactions that we have accumulated.  Our vibration is directly affected by both internal and external factors.  External being environmental factors and lifestyle choices and internal being our thoughts and beliefs.

Therefore it is crucial that we take care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to maintain a high vibration.  Sickness and disease is as a result of an imbalance of our energetic vibrations.

We are always connected or plugged into the Universe / God / Infinite Intelligence / the Source of all Life.  All the time!  We just need to tune our vibrations to be receiving the correct “radio station”, so to speak.

God is Light.

Light is electricity!  Light is energy!  Light is made up of many vibrations… we are made up of electrical vibrations.  And the higher our vibration gets, the closer we get to the God consciousness, and therefore the brighter we shine.  The higher our vibration, the closer to Source, and the more peaceful and happy we will be.

The Universe is a vast source of energy expressing itself in unique manifestations.  Our thoughts, words and deeds are nothing but energy and can cause a ripple effect in the Universal field of energy.  The vibrations of our thoughts and beliefs dictate the creation of our outer experience, as like energy attracts like.

Vibration is the energy that vibrates

The Universe is always matching us with people, experiences and circumstances that are of like vibration to ourselves.  Therefore, the higher our vibration is, the better experiences we will attract to ourselves.  This is the basis of the Law of Attraction.

How to Raise Our Vibration

There are many simple ways to raise our vibrations every day, however, we must be consistent.  We must endeavour to let these become a habit, by practicing them every day, until they become part of our daily routine.

My next article will explain How to Raise our Vibrations…

In Love and Light


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