TMP is short for Transmutation Process.

The Transmutation Process is something that Source gave me when I was in deep Theta meditation one evening.  The reason for the process is to awaken spiritually and to transmute your lower vibrations into the higher vibrational energies required to ascend to the 5th dimension.


Vibration is our own unique energy frequency or energy signature.   It is the current state of our energy as a result of all our beliefs, emotions, experiences and interactions that we have accumulated.  Our vibration is directly affected by both internal and external factors.  External being environmental factors and lifestyle choices and internal being out thoughts and beliefs.

Therefore it is crucial that we take care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to maintain a high vibration.  Sickness and disease is as a result of an imbalance of our energetic vibrations.


How to Raise Our Vibration

There are many simple ways to raise our vibrations every day, however, we must be consistent.  We must endeavor to let these become a habit, by practicing them every day, until they become part of our daily routine.

  1. Diet – We are what we eat.

    Fresh, nutritious food is vital to raise vibrations

  2. Exercise – Slight movement of the body.
  3. Acts of Service – Feel Good Acts.
  4. Being Authentic – True to oneself.
  5. Self Love – Me, Myself and I.
  6. Mindless chatter – Change the stories we tell.
  7. Positive thinking – Change our negative thoughts.
  8. Meditation – Be Still and Know that I am…
  9. Energy Healing – Spiritual Healing.
  10. Grounding – Aura and Chakra Balancing.

The way it was given to me, is basically working through the 7 major chakras; working through and healing whatever pertains to each specific chakra.

Transmutation Process

I assist people with coaching them to Awaken Spiritually and then to Transmute their lower vibrations enabling them to ascend to the fifth dimension – 5D.

Things that I teach in my coaching sessions are:

Transmutation Process to ease you into 3D

Meditation techniques

Grounding and stillness practices

Inner Child Healing

Unidentification from the EGO self

Changing binding beliefs

Emotional Healing

Change negative thinking

Self Image Improvement


Vision, Dreaming and Goal Setting


Manifesting Abundance

I have written an E-book explaining the process in detail, which you will receive once you come on my workshops or take a coaching package with me.

Why not contact me so that we can discuss my coaching packages.

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