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Ascension to 5 D

Ascension to the 5th dimension


Transformation Coaching is for awakening spiritually, leading to raising vibrations, enabling ascension to the 5th dimension.  Through my coaching, once you are awakened to the Source of all Light, I can assist you to ease ascension into the 5th dimension by raising vibrations and DNA Activation.   I will enable you to find In-lightenment and Illumination through Transformation of damaged emotions, binding beliefs and inner child wounds.

My coaching will assist you to illuminate your path as a spiritual being having a human experience!

Let me assist you with my Transmutation Process  to connect you to the Source of all LIGHT, because I can show you how to take back your power and change your life for the better.  Through Inner Child Healing, Emotional Healing, taking back control from the EGO and recognizing and changing binding beliefs that hold you back.  Thereby enabling you to heal and manifest ABUNDANCE!

By working with me in personal sessions you will discover and heal limiting beliefs that are holding you back, identify your negative thought patterns and change your thinking with ThetaHealing and NLP.

Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression Therapy is what I call a soul journey, where you go back into past lives, and take whatever healing you can from that life.


I will teach you to develop your intuition, to enable you to make good decisions. Intuition begins with awareness.

Intuition and the experience that we have is determined by the level of awareness of our consciousness.

Did you know that you can increase your intuition simply by quieting your mind? And in these quiet moments, you offer a space for insight, for knowledge and ideas to simply trickle in, as you are then accessing the Infinite Intelligence; the oneness MIND, the Source of LIGHT. Learn to get into the habit of quieting your mind.   This way you will be able to hear what the body, the link between non-physical and physical, is telling you.

I have developed Meditation techniques, which I can teach you, to assist you to quiet the mind.

Consciousness is the observer and the creator of our reality. The consciousness in most human beings is controlled by the ego-self.

Changing binding beliefs that no longer serve you…

Once your beliefs are changed, and your intuition is increased, you will need a practical plan to create abundance in your life. Let me help you change your mind-set.

Establishing what those limiting beliefs are, we can eliminate the “roadblocks” which are creating obstacles for you.  Then we can remove them from your subconscious mind.  I will then replace them with new empowering beliefs and feelings.  To enable you to create your life, from a place of self-mastery, which is the path to freedom!

In simple terms: “It is done unto you as you believe.” “Change your thinking, change your life.”

Contact me to make a one on one consultation appointment (Gauteng area), via Skype or telephonically. I work over weekends as well.

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