Would you like to Create Abundance for powerful living in your own life?

Get tools to enable you to get rid of Limiting Beliefs?

Release painful memories and Unresolved Emotions?

Learn to change Negative Thinking?

Take back control from the EGO?

Inner Child Healing?

Learn Meditation Techniques?

Increase your Intuition?

Make the Law of Attraction Work Every Time?

Visualization techniques?

Learn how to make goals to create your dreams?

This 3 month workshop will take place on alternate Saturday afternoons (2 afternoons a month) for 3 hours.

In this 2 day workshop you will …

  • Get tools to enable you to establish and get rid of Limiting Beliefs
  • Get tips and tools to deal with Unresolved Emotions and Inner Child Healing.
  • Get tools to disassociate from your Ego and learn how to change Negative Thinking.
  • Meditation Techniques, Visualization techniques and affirmations to assist you to create your dreams.
  • How to manipulate the Game of Life & the money game
  • Tools on how to manifest abundance
  • How to effectively set goals and achieve them

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