The Garden of Eden is real…

The Garden of Eden is real…


Manifestation of my dream life!

After many years of creating my dreams, I have finally manifested my dream  life!

I re-located to the beautiful Knysna area over December 2018, and now the next chapter of my life begins.

What a blast living in this amazing part of the world….

Enchanted forests with magical foliage, draping from the trees, oozing with tranquility, encourage the creative juices to flow.  Convincing me that this must be the garden of Eden.

It is a new year, with new beginnings.  

How are your New Years Resolutions working out for you?

Most resolutions are made with the best of intentions, but after a while, they get harder to stick to.  Why is that?  

We start off the new year determined to making changes, but after a while, we lose momentum.  

Generally resolutions are created to change something about your “self” that you are not satisfied with.  When you create from a place of dissatisfaction, you lose commitment the moment the going gets tough.

The key to creating any lasting changes in your life is to deeply DESIRE the change.  Then it is EASY! 

There are two emotions that we are driven by and they are PAIN and PLEASURE.

If you make a resolution from a place of DESIRE and not guilt or self-judgement, then the PLEASURE will outweigh the PAIN and it will be easy to stick to it.

I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years, and only when I found pleasure in wearing nice clothes and feeling good about myself, did I manage to keep the weight off.  The PLEASURE of being slim outweighed the PAIN of denying the foods that were not good for me.

When you make resolutions about the things that you want to change, make sure that you create them from a place of deep DESIRE and not resolutions of judgment of self, that come out of feelings of duty, obligation or guilt.  Resolutions that come from SHOULD are judgmental and will not last. 

For example:  “I SHOULD lose weight this year.”  Rather change it to “I want to lose weight this year” or ideally an affirmation “I am slim and trim”.

The deep DESIRE burning in your heart, will keep the momentum going even when things get tough.

If you need help working out what those deep DESIRES are or with assistance in changing binding beliefs, simply send me an email

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