Oracle Readings

Psychic Tarot or Oracle readings are done per hourly sessions.

I use my psychic abilities and connect to the angels and guides to get guidance and to get answers to your questions.  I use the assistance of several different packs of  angel cards, oracle cards, fairy cards and Tarot cards.

  • Do you need direction in your career?
  • Do you need guidance in a relationship?
  • Are you unsure of which path to take?
  • Are you at a fork in the road?
  • Do you need to make a huge decision and need a bit of re-assurance that you are making it correctly?
  • Need to ask a specific question?

The intuitive card readings are used to communicate to the heavens and the angels so that they may guide you on a path of joy and happiness, like a bridge connecting you to the angels so that they can offer their direct support and guidance. The angles are constantly sending us messages but sometimes we are not paying attention or we talk ourselves out of the message we think we are receiving.  Intuitive card readings validate what you already know.

Card readings are one of the many tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels. For centuries people have been using cards to get accurate and reliable information. Reading cards is not just about predictions nor fortune telling. These are used to inquire about what things that are in your best interest. We are all cosmic beings and unfortunately, we do not come to this earth with a how-to manual or a map to help navigate through this life. This is where intuitive card reading comes in, as it can serve as a map or manual to help guide you to exactly where it is you are trying to get to.

Oracle readings are done via email, and will take at least 24 to 48 hours to get a reply, while guidance is sought.

Psychic Tarot / Oracle Readings

Email readings done at $10 per one full page of explanation on the Tarot and oracle cards.


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