Manifestation – Creating in the Mind and in Reality

manifestingWhen we create something, we always create it twice – first in the mind and then in reality. This is called manifesting. Your mind is your most powerful tool, but most of us do not know how to use it correctly. First I need to explain that there are two parts to the mind, the Conscious and Subconscious.

The Subconscious Mind acts like a huge supercomputer hard drive, which stores every experience you’ve ever had. (The subconscious mind also controls all your body functions).

The subconscious stores these experiences as a SNAPSHOT of the 5 senses.

Example – a digital camera or cell phone takes a picture which you can store on a computer as a .jpeg image.   The subconscious mind is exactly the same, except it takes a snapshot of the 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. What am I seeing, what am I hearing, what am I feeling, what am I smelling, what am I tasting?

The Conscious Mind is our Survival Mechanism.

The first thing it does is filter. The second thing it does is predict.

To Filter – we have the equivalent of 300 billion bits of information coming at us each second. Luckily we have a conscious mind which filters all that and takes that 300 billion bits of information and filters it down to 2000 bits. That’s a lot of information that it gets rid of.

The Conscious mind acts like a Guard at a gate – It decides that this information is important and is allowed in, and that information is not important and stays out.

Example:   You are buying a new car. You have decided on the car make and model. Suddenly you begin to see them everywhere!! Why? Because you told the guard at the gate that this information was important. So it lets that information in!

To Predict – The conscious mind uses the filtered information to predict whether a situation is a dangerous or not. The prediction is based on PAST EXPERIENCE which is stored in the Subconscious mind!!

A practical metaphor to help understand:   The Conscious mind is like GOOGLE!

All of the filtered information in the 5 senses coming in is like the result of a Google search.

The Conscious mind reverts to the Subconscious mind and pulls out ALL of the Past experiences that look something like this particular situation and just like with Google, there will be 1 Past Experience that comes to the top of the search list, just like there is always one website that comes to the top of the Google result list. This is the most VIVID memory of something you have experienced

There are 2 things that make a memory Vivid.

  1. Emotional Arousal   – High Emotion. Highly pleasurable or highly painful.

Example: HMOY remember where you were when 9/11 happened?

Why do you remember it? Because it was such a highly emotional event!

  1. Repetition – an example would be learning your times tables at school.

The Subconcious Mind, this thing that stores everything – does not know the difference between something that is experienced in reality, something that is imagined, or something that is dreamed while you are sleeping.

If the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something experienced in REALITY and something that is IMAGINED…surely you can create a Future Imagined Memory – which is an Imagined Story of something in the Future (that you would like to manifest in your life) which you can make into a MEMORY in the Subconscious mind.   For the first time you can start putting your FUTURE into the FUTURE, instead of putting your PAST into the Future!

Here’s how to work this piece of technology that is your mind…

The mind is like a missile. It is BRILLIANT when it has a target, but most people never give the mind a target, so the missile never launches.

The exercise I’m about to teach you is how to program the target, so that the mind acts like a missile to get you there.

We create a Future Imagined Memory.

Create a story of how you want a goal to turn out, using all 5 of your senses. Use colours, sounds, sensations, emotions, tastes and smells. Then you visualize this FIM (Future Imagined Memory) every day, for 30 days. And then you forget about it, and see how things will fall into place, to bring this memory into reality. It will manifest exactly how you have imagined it.

Warning: Be very careful what you think about, and what you imagine, as it will become reality if you dwell on it enough. Make sure it is something you want to manifest!



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