Light Up Workshop

Light Up when you find your dreams and goals

Light Up Workshop

is an Online Self Study Program that will help you to

Get clear on your Dreams and Goals!

Are you struggling to find a Driving Force in your life?

Do you find yourself lacking Direction in your life?

Set powerful Goals and achieve them!

Dream Big and set Big, PASSIONATE Goals!

Your MIND is your most powerful tool! 

Most People have no idea what they really want in life and never take time to stop to think about it. The problem is that if they don’t know where they are going, then how are they ever going to get there?

Find direction during this fun, light and magical workshop with Beverley-Anne. It will inspire you to DREAM BIG and to set BIG GOALS!  This workshop is a self study, and can be completed in one full day or as and when you find the time.

During the workshop you will:

  • Create a vision board to get clear on your DREAMS and GOALS
  • Create some BIG goals that ignite and delight you
  • Get direction in your life
  • Learn the next steps to turn your goals into success
  • Understand where and how to focus your energies
  • Have clarity on what actions to take
  • Learn how to overcome your fears
  • Build a supporting cast – to support your success
  • Play, have fun and meet your 5 year old-self again


By the end of the workshop, you will…
  • Have clarity, focus, direction and tangible tools to use to create a life you love
  • Know how to set BIG, crazy goals that ignite you, delight you and excite you (and scare you a little) in a way that compels you to take immediate action
  • Simple ways to attract what you want, whatever your goals are
  • Tips on what to do when you get stuck, so that you avoid being in the same place in your life in a year’s time
  • How to respect the energy that you have each day, so that you don’t become stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out
  • How to build a group of people in your life that support your new dream and keep you on track
  • Maximize your potential and power by learning how to use your mind properly to attract the opportunities that you want to you rather than your mind sabotaging you
  • Why getting stressed and worried about your goals actually repels opportunities and what to do about it
  • How to overcome the negative patterns of the past, so that you can be more powerful in the present and future

Light Up is an Online Self Study Workshop

Once off  $30 (ZAR 471)



Recommendations received from various clients for Workshops!

Cynthia Theron: Thank you for the dream mapping course we did – I have done many courses before, but this one had that WOW moment- I never realized what my actual dreams were until I saw the dream map. Now I can work towards that.

Michael Baxter:  Highly entertaining and fun workshop.  Gave me direction and help to set goals!

Robin Prowse:  An enjoyable and very informative workshop.

Mary-Anne Lewis:  I attended Beverley-Anne’s Dream Mapping nad Goal Setting Workshop and am a transformed person.  It was extremely fun and gave me clear direction and guidance.  Loved it.

Maralize and Chris:  We really enjoyed the workshop which has given us clear direction for our future.  We have now made the final decision to get married and will be doing so in the near future.  Thank-you Beverley-Anne!

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