Gratitude for manifesting abundance


Gratitude for manifesting abundance is something I have known.  But Wow! after all these years, I have finally worked out what my problem is.  Not that I have not had results, I have.  I have manifested the most amazing life down at the coast. with a view of the ocean and a stunning mornings only job etc, but it has always been a lot of serious effort from my part.

I recently read a book by Dr Joe Dispenza – wherein he tells you that by meditating you can have brain / heart coherence.  I meditated and meditated but only had glimpses of what he was trying to explain.

Gratitude for manifesting abundance

Just this week, I watched the series on Gaia, called Missing Links, with Gregg Braden, and it finally clicked.  He tells about, which Dr Joe Dispenza also does, the heart being far more magnetically charged than the brain,  And that the heart, also has a brain.  Instead of meditating, Gregg Braden gives 4 easy steps to align your brain and heart, so that they work together.

Just to deviate a bit, I always believed that my feelings were felt in my belly.  I have strong intuition developed and it is definitely felt in my gut.  I was always looking for gratitude there as well.  But, it is found in the heart!

Gregg Braden gives the following exercise:

  1.  Take your attention from your mind / head / brain and put it on your heart.  Tap yourself gently on your chest, over the area of your heart.  This assists to get your attention there.
  2. Once your attention is in the heart area, slow down your breathing, to a count of 5 in and 5 out.  This lets your body realize that you are safe.
  3. Feel one of the following emotions in your heart area: Gratitude, appreciation, compassion or caring.  Feel it.  Think of something that you are truly grateful for or that you really appreciate, to get the feeling going.
  4. The breathe as if your breath is going out of your heart.  Nice big, deep breaths.  In and out of your heart.  Feel the gratitude flowing in and out!  Do this for 3 minutes.

Do this exercise as often as you can, whenever you get a chance during the day.  Doing this creates new neural pathways, and after about 72 hours the new neural pathways will be complete, which means that your heart and brain are in rhythm and are now coherent. 

This exercise has helped me to feel gratitude almost permanently, without even trying.  If I feel the emotion is gone, I quickly do the above exercise again, and it comes flowing back.

I feel amazing!

Another super benefit of this, besides your manifestations coming into reality much quicker than before, is you will easily move to the 5th dimension.  The 5th dimension is all about feelings…

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