Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing : Our emotion is the communication between the mind and the body. When thinking of something negative or you are not in alignment with your truth / your soul, you will feel a negative emotion. If your thinking is in alignment with your truth, with whom you really are, your soul, then you have amazing positive emotions, like peace, love and joy.

I use various therapies to assist with Emotional Healing and getting rid of binding beliefs, and also am able to install new positive beliefs that serve you.

Dealing with and Transforming Emotions

Emotional Healing will assist with getting rid of negative emotions. A negative emotion is caused by a distressing memory that disrupts the flow of the body’s energy system.

Emotional Healing needs to be done after you get divorced, or have a break up in a relationship.  As I have been through that myself, I am in a position to assist with emotional healing to ensure that you get over your “baggage” enabling you to move on to another relationship, should you choose.

Emotion is the fuel that creates our reality. E-motion is just the way it sounds i.e. “energy in motion”. I have had many different clients who say that the emotional body is the hardest body to transform. There is no doubt about it, emotions override thoughts and in an instant you can have positive thoughts all day. But as soon as you have a destructive emotion it overrides all previous positive thoughts.  Unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.

Weight loss is also a specialty of mine, and after emotions are healed, weight loss will occur.

As a Transformation Coach, I use various modalities to assist clients to resolve negative emotions.

Getting rid of binding beliefs

Move beyond surface healing to the root for true, lasting transformation!

Overcome Subconscious Blocks

Release Fears and Frustrations

Break Through Limitations

Download positive Beliefs instantly

Insert positive feelings    Then feel the Freedom!

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