Ease into 5d is a 12 month, program, to support your journey of ascension to the 5th dimension, with weekly teachings, giving tools, tips and ideas.

There will be webinars from time to time and a private face book page, where private coaching will be given if required.

Everything is energy and energy is information.  You are an energy being sending out waves of energy through a sea of vibratory energy of infinite possibilities.  The frequency of your energy waves that you send out is determined by your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behavior and awareness of consciousness.

The energy is a powerful source that can be likened to electricity.  Energy is made up of many vibrations; similar to waves used for radio stations.  We can sense the vibes, but on a subconscious level.

You have your own unique energy frequency or energy signature, which is your vibration.  It is the current state of your energy as a result of all your beliefs, emotions, experiences and interactions that you have accumulated.

Your vibration is directly affected by both internal and external factors.  External being environmental factors and lifestyle choices and internal being your thoughts and beliefs, which are controlled by your emotions.

A quick explanation on the dimensions. 

On earth, we are currently living in the 3rd dimension of consciousness, where we are controlled by our ego-self.  We experience emotions of fear, hatred, anger, judgement, criticism and lack.  In the 3rd dimension we perceive ourselves as separate from Source, the Universe, or what some people refer to as God.

We experience duality, good and bad, wrong and right, us and them etc.  In 3D we experience past, present and future, and regularly experience suffering, because we are identified with our ego-self.

The planet and it’s inhabitants, are in the process of ascending into the 4th dimension of consciousness, whether they are aware of it or not.  The 4th dimension is the bridge between the 3rd and the 5th dimension, which is the ultimate destiny of ascension, at this time.  In the 4th dimension, although we are still controlled by our ego-self, we are becoming more aware.

The 5th dimension s when we have raised our vibrations to the vibration of love, joy peace and enlightenment!

In the 5th dimension, we are totally aware that we are one with God, and that we are powerful, non-physical beings, living in this physical reality, having a human experience.  Once we realize that we are one with God, we can manifest abundance with ease and far quicker than previously.  However, our manifestations will be good ones, as we have by now learnt to control our thoughts and are vibrating at love.  We have by now also learnt to go with the flow of life!

Ease into 5d is a monthly Support Group

Monthly  $30 per month


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Sign up for free motivational snippets & get a free e-book.


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