DNA Activation & Re-Connection

DNA Activation and re-connection:

DNA activation will help release unconscious patterns and clearing of genetic and family karmic patterns, all round health due to stronger immune system, increased energy and clarity and greater brain capacity and functioning. Further benefits are Greater Spiritual Connection, increased vibratory frequency, discovery of new talents and abilities, receiving and holding more light in your physical body and being able to accomplish your purpose in this life time.

To connect to the Source of all Light you need to raise your vibrations – DNA Activation can do that for you!”

My purpose is to help you raise your vibration, thereby activating your DNA, and unleashing your potential. The energy coming in will loosen old trapped energies so that you can move forward. This is a good thing…but you need guidance to assist you…so I recommend you follow my instructions carefully.

Session includes : Reading of body (ThetaHealing) Crown Cap Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting, Spell Removal, Purification by Light, Removal of any entities, blockages and etheric structures. Reiki & Crystal Healing, DNA Activation, Connect with your Higher-Self, Energy Balancing and 1st Auric layer healing to remove recurring “lessons” from the energy field.

Thereafter it is recommended to come for a “check-up” every 6 months as the more your vibration rises, the more “stuff” will come up for you to release. Having regular energy balancing’s will assist you with your physical health, emotional well-being and energy levels.

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