Psychic Coaching

I am Clairvoyant and in my Coaching practice I use my Psychic abilities, to find the best path that my clients should take.  I use these Psychic gifts, together with Oracle cards and Tarot Readings, to give my clients direction and the best way to get healed.  I assist my clients to identify their binding  beliefs, help them to recognize their self-sabotage behavior so that positive transformation takes place.  I also help them with emotional healing and changing beliefs that no longer serve them.  Creating abundance is the result of this transformation.

Inner Child Healing, Emotional Healing, taking back control from the EGO and recognizing and changing binding beliefs that sabotage you, is what I specialize in.  Which assists you to get healed,  find direction  and manifest ABUNDANCE!

Spiritual Awakening

I will teach you to develop your intuition, to enable you to make good decisions.  Awareness, is the beginning of developing your intuition.

Intuition and the experience that we have is determined by the level of awareness of our consciousness.

Meditation techniques, which I teach, will assist you to quiet the mind and get a deeper connection to the Divine.

Consciousness is the observer and the creator of our reality, which in most human beings is controlled by the ego-self.

DNA Activation see separate page on this powerful energy healing modality that will transform your life!

Past Life and LBL Hypnotherapy


Emotional Healing


Overcoming Self Sabotage

Manifesting Abundance

Law of Attraction

Changing binding beliefs that no longer serve you…

Once your beliefs are changed, and your intuition is increased, you will need a practical plan to create abundance in your life. Let me help you change your mind-set.

Establishing what those limiting beliefs are, we can eliminate the “roadblocks” which are creating obstacles for you.  Then we can remove them from your subconscious mind.  I will then replace them with new empowering beliefs and feelings.  Enabling you to create your life, from a place of self-mastery, which is the path to freedom!

In simple terms: “It is done unto you as you believe.”

“Change your thinking, change your life.”

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Coaching Services are to enable total Transformation: Overcome Self Sabotage Behavior; Spiritual Awakening and Manifesting Abundance

My coaching is done On-line using Zoom / Skype.

1 hour coaching session $40

6 Weeks coaching (recommended for best results) $200

3 months coaching paid upfront $400

3 months coaching paid per month $150 pm x3











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