Become a powerful creator of your life

Past, Present, Future

Everything is happening right here, right NOW!

Why not make today the best moment of your life ever!

Everything that can possibly happen in the universe, everything that can possibly be created, the past, the present and the future, are all happening at the same ‘time’, right now, in one huge field.

But because your awareness is only aware of a small section of this field at any one ‘time’, then as you move from one point to another, you will experience ‘time’! You will experience a sensation of past, present, and future. But the field itself does not experience time, as it only experiences everything happening all at once. Everything is happening right here, right NOW! This field represents the Source.

As you, the “Avatar” becomes more aware, more conscious, your awareness will expand. As you expand, you will take up more and more of the field, and then time will shrink for you. Does that make sense?

Now the amazing thing is that the soul, is much larger than your physical body but we are programmed to think of the soul as a little thing within your physical body, but in fact the soul is much larger and far more powerful than we can imagine, and actually contains the body and the mind within it. In other words the soul surrounds the body.

If you consider that the soul is much larger than the body, have you ever considered where it might end? How many meters could it expand away from the body? Or could it be how many kilometres away? Or how many light years away from your body does your soul end? It is not impossible that your Soul is a billion times larger than your body? Your soul is infinite and eternal!

Once you allow your mind to comprehend how powerful you really are, and that only the Now moment really exists, then you will become a powerful creator of your life. So make today, in this now moment, the best moment of your life ever!

Excerpts from the book “Play the Human Game on Purpose” by Beverley-Anne Bear

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