Ascension to the 5th Dimension

Ascension to the 5th dimension

There is an awakening happening across the world.  The awakening process is about awareness, and reclaiming your power!  It is what is known as enlightenment!

Enlightenment means understanding, insight, learning, knowledge, aware-ness, information and wisdom.

Being enlightened is about awareness and knowing the truth, and the truth is that we want to ascend with our mother earth to the 5th dimension.

We are currently living in the 3rd dimension.  I am not referring to the third dimension of space i.e. length, breadth and height, but of a state of consciousness.

In the 3rd dimension, we are controlled by our reactive mind or ego-self as it is also known.  The ego-self is only concerned with survival and will protect us from harm at all costs according to what it perceives as danger.  Therefore, we experience negative emotions like fear, hatred, anger, judgement, criticism, lack etc.

The 3rd dimension is also a place of duality, where we perceive ourselves as separate from God.  We experience duality as good and bad, wrong and right, us and them etc.  In 3D we experience past, present and future.  We are identified with our ego-self and our pain body, which results in us experiencing suffering.

Once we start awakening we start to ascend into the 4th dimension of consciousness.  The fourth dimension is known as the 3rd dimension with time.  It is believed that the 4th dimension of consciousness was ushered in on December 21st 2012, when all the planets in our universe were aligned in one straight line.  The sun, moon, all 9 our planets and the Pleiades system as well.  The energies from this alignment is what ushered in the 4th dimension.

The 4th dimension is the bridge between the 3rd and the 5th dimension, which is our ultimate destiny of ascension at this time.  In the 4th dimension, although we are still controlled by our ego-self, we are becoming more aware and are realizing that there is more to life than just this physical reality.

Awareness that we are all one with God, and that we are not the ego-self, but a much greater being.  We start to drop emotions of fear, hatred and anger and realize that there is plenty of everything, and that we are good enough to have our share of abundance.

As we start moving to 4D, we still find ourselves falling back into the old habits of 3D, like fear, judgement and criticism, as these habits have been ingrained in us over our last 1000’s of incarnations into the 3D consciousness.

There is an awakening happening all over the world at the moment, as the energies from the planets alignments are causing more and more people to start to become aware that this is not reality.

The 4D allows things to flow with more fluidity in our lives, and our manifestations start being created quicker, as long as we keep our emotions positive thereby raising our vibrations.

The 5th Dimension, is when we are no longer being controlled by the ego-self, and have totally integrated our physical body with our soul.  We now know that we are one with all that is and we actually experience it.  We no longer can experience fear, hatred, judgment, criticism or lack of any description.

According to my research the whole planet is currently ascending from 4D to 5D and our awakening process is being escalated, hence all the chaos around us.   Souls are being forced to deal with negative emotions that are deeply seated and stale, and this is why people are going through so much turmoil at the moment.

An excerpt from the book Lightwarrior Wisdom by Beverley-Anne Bear

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