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Psychic Coach, Energy Healer and Teacher, Beverley-Anne, uses various tools to assist her clients to experience total transformation.

Psychic Coach

As a Psychic Coach, Beverley-Anne, uses various tools to assist her clients to raise their vibrations, enabling them to manifest their dreams into reality.   She uses Oracle cards and the Tarot and has trained in the following: Past Life and LBL Regression Hypnotherapy, Theta Healer, DNA Activation, Energy Healer & Crystal Magick, NLP practitioner, and EFT practitioner.

Beverley-Anne coaches her clients to find the best path that they should take, by using her Psychic abilities.  She is Clair-sentient and an Empath, and uses these gifts to give her clients direction and to get healed.  She assists clients to identify their binding  beliefs, helps them to recognize their self-sabotage behavior so that positive transformation takes place.

Beverley-Anne helps clients to find direction, create powerful dreams / visions and set goals to achieve them.  She teaches them how to Manifest Abundance in their life and move forward in victory.  She shows them how to Raise their vibrations to ascend to the 5th dimension.


In her workshops, she helps people find their vision & dreams, and assists them to set powerful goals, then shows them how to achieve them.  She teaches meditation, how to live consciously and flow with life, and how to manifest abundance in their lives.  She also has workshops that teaches them how to raise their vibrations, enabling them to manifest abundance quicker than before and ascend to the 5th dimension.

Psychic Coach and Teacher,  Beverley-Anne is passionate about assisting people to awaken spiritually and get a deeper connection with Divine Consciousness.

She has developed a few different workshop which are based on her own healing, training and immense knowledge that she has acquired over many years.  She started meditating early in 1990’s.

Before her awakening in 2005, Beverley-Anne walked a long road in Christianity, where she was in leadership for a number of years.  Beverley-Anne,  asked God to give her wisdom, and shortly after that had a powerful psychic dream, which left her reeling.  Her beliefs were challenged as her awakening began, but her thirst for knowledge sent her in various different directions, as she learnt about different spiritual practices.

Beverley-Anne has published two books to date and is currently writing a novel.

Published Author


Revelations of the Rapture – by Beverley-Anne Bear

Her first published book is based on a prophetic dream that she had, whilst still a practicing christian, on the Rapture and ascending to heaven.





Lightwarrior Wisdom – By Beverley-Anne Bear

The second book that Beverley-Anne had published, is called Lightwarrior Wisdom.  Which is an extension of her first book.  This book goes into detail of her understanding on how the Universe works, and how to live a life of freedom whilst manifesting abundance in your life.

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