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Spiritual Awakening Coach and Teacher, Beverley-Anne, is a qualified Transformation Life Coach.  She makes use of various modalities to enable her clients to experience total transformation.

As a Transformation Life Coach, Beverley-Anne uses various modalities, to assist her clients to get emotionally healed.  She is a Hypno-therapist, using ThetaHealing Technique, Energy and Crystal Healing, NLP, Negative Emotional Technique, and EFT, to assist her clients to get totally healed.  Enabling them to identify their binding beliefs, and assisting them to change these binding beliefs into positive ones that empower them to move forward in victory.

In her workshops, she teaches clients the truth about their physical reality which results in their awakening.  She also shows them how to manifest abundance and to get direction in their life.

Spiritual Awakening Coach and Workshop Facilitator,  Beverley-Anne, is about assisting her clients to get emotionally healed.  She then teaches them tips, tools and ideas on how to get direction and manifest abundance in their lives.

Source gave Beverley-Anne the Transmutation Process while she was in a deep meditation, which allows people to awaken spiritually by giving them the truth about our physical reality.  This knowledge allows them to manifest abundance in their lives.

Beverley-Anne has developed a workshop A.I.M. High which is based on the Transmutation Process.

Published Author

Her first published book is based on a prophetic dream that she had, whilst still a practicing christian, on the Rapture and ascending to heaven.  So she has studied the ascension process for many years.

We are currently living in the 3rd dimension of consciousness, where we are controlled by our ego-self, whose only concern is with survival and will protect us from harm at all costs, according to what the ego perceives as danger.

The Earth and humankind, has been for some time now, in the process of ascending to the 4th dimension of consciousness.  The 4th dimension is the bridge between the 3rd and the 5th dimension, which is our destiny of ascension at this time.

The second book that Beverley-Anne had published, is called Lightwarrior Wisdom.  Which is an extension of her first book.  This book goes into detail of her understanding on how the Universe works, and how to live a life of freedom whilst manifesting abundance in your life.

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