Transmutation Process (TMP) part 1

The Transmutation Process is something that Source gave me when I was in deep Theta meditation one evening.  The reason for the process is to transmute our lower vibrations into the higher vibrational energies required to ascend to the 5th dimension.

There are many simple ways to raise our vibrations every day, however, we must be consistent.  We must endeavor to let these become a habit, by practicing them every day, until they become part of our daily routine.


  1. Diet – Eat nutritious, real food as natural as you can get it. Stay away from toxic foods, like sugar and processed foods.
  2. Exercise – Slight movement of the body will assist with getting stagnant energies moving again.
  3. Acts of Service – Do things that make you feel good. Serve others either in your community, old age home, children’s home or church.
  4. Being Authentic – Be true to yourself. Stand up for what you believe in.
  5. Self Love – Make time to take care of your body and mind; take a bubble bath with candles, go for a massage, make time to rest.
  6. Mindless chatter – Do affirmations to change the stories that you keep telling yourself e.g. I am fat/stupid/poor etc.
  7. Positive thinking – Change your negative thoughts and words by changing your words and thoughts as soon as you become aware of the negativity. Always see the rose and not the thorns!
  8. Meditation – Take time to be still and hear what guidance your inner wisdom has for you.
  9. Energy Healing – Go for energy healing to unblock and balance your energies.
  10. Grounding – Take time to walk outside on the grass barefoot, or spend time in nature as often as you can.

The way the Transmutation Process was given to me, is basically working

through the 7 major chakras.  Healing whatever pertains to each specific chakra.

Your body is an apparatus that is designed to filter energy and light.

There are energy portals, which are invisible to the naked eye, called

Chakra’s throughout the body that are used to filter the energy.



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