I Existed

I existed. I was alone. I am pure energy. I was lonely. I decided
to create another one like myself, to enable me to see what I looked
like; to experience myself.
It was an instant action, and made a loud sound, similar to a
thunder bolt, but on a scale too enormous for your earthly minds to
comprehend. Many of you call it the Big Bang.
I experienced, I enjoyed. I grew and evolved. I created more of
me. I created universes, I created planets, I created stars; I
created all things that pleased me. I was having fun. I created
from the smallest atom and bacteria to the largest universe. I love
creating whatever I think of. I am creative. I enjoy being. I want to
have fun. I want to play. I am you. I love to be. I am.
You have forgotten. But I have chosen this, for I am you. But I
Let me remind you, for we are one.
© 2008 Beverley-Anne Bear

A poem written by me a few years ago, I Existed.

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