How to overcome fear

FEAR and how to overcome it!  The following is how to overcome fear!

These 7 IRRATIONAL (not real) fears are the fears that stop us from taking action and from living our dreams.

  1. The power of authority or not fulfilling the wishes of authority
  2. Don’t know enough

    Fear and how to overcome it

    How to overcome fear

  3. Fear of Failure
  4. Won’t make money
  5. Lose respect of a loved one
  6. Rejection by society
  7. Fear of ill health or lack of physical wellbeing



Exercise to overcome fear

  1. Awareness

Become aware that you are in FEAR – you will know that you are in fear when you are not taking action!

  1. Which fear are you feeling?

Look through the list of the 7 Deadly Irrational Fears above and see which are the culprits – it may be one or a combination of a few fears playing together.

  1. Do a written exercise

If I take this action….

Describe the Action….

What is the Best Thing that can happen?

What is the Worst Thing that can happen?

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