How to hear the voice of God i.e. Intuition


Did you know that you can increase your intuition simply by quieting your mind?

People today are not listening to what God is saying, they go to Church but have left God out of the whole thing, and are actually listening to some man’s interpretation of the bible. I do not mean to offend anyone at this point, but it is the truth. We do not need to have someone else to hear from God on our behalf, we are able to hear directly from God. We are to feed from the Tree of Life, as Adam and Eve did when they walked in the Garden of Eden and walked and talked with God, as per the Bible story.

We all have a conscience which sounds as though we are thinking which is how God sounds when He talks to us. We need to learn to trust that voice totally and completely and then obey i.e. take action. Sure we may make mistakes, but as we listen more regularly and things do work out, our faith will grow.

In the beginning, when I started training myself to hear God’s voice, it took a lot of faith, but as my faith grew, I started doing it without questioning. I remember one morning when we were on our way to church I placed a vase of flowers on the ground to enable me to open the garage door. I immediately had a thought that the wind could blow the flowers over and the vase would break. I dismissed the thought and went ahead with opening the garage door. After a few seconds, a gust of wind blew the flowers over and the vase broke. I was upset with myself for not listening to the still small voice, as the vase was a wedding gift and precious to me.

Another time, one evening when I got home from work, my cat was waiting for me outside at the garage. It was dark already when I parked my car and closed the garage door. I did not see my cat at the time, after all he is black and not easy to see at night, so I thought he must have gone to do his business and will come into the house later on.

While I was lying relaxing in the bath later that evening, I realized that I had not seen my cat yet. The thought came into my mind that he is locked in the garage, but I dismissed it as my imagination, and went to bed later wondering where my cat was.

The next morning, as soon as I opened the garage door to get my car to go to work, a very cold and scared cat came running out of the garage. I almost burst into tears, as I realized the cat had spent the night in the cold garage, and felt terribly guilty that I had not listened to the voice in my head. The voice in your head, is your intuition.

Did you know that you can increase your intuition simply by quieting your mind? And in these quiet moments, you offer a space for insight, for knowledge and ideas to simply trickle in, as you are then accessing the Infinite Intelligence; the oneness MIND also known as God.

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In love and light, Beverley-Anne (Lightwarrior)

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