Awaken from hibernation

Good morning Light Seekers!   Awaken from Hibernation.

As I sit here in the early morning I hear the birds chirping outside my window, happy to begin a new day. It is now very obvious that spring has arrived, as there is an array of colored blossoms to be seen dotted among the trees. The once bare, stark naked branches, are now displaying greenery with pride, and seem to be awakening from a long hibernation.

Awaken from Hibernation

Perhaps some of you have been hibernating? Spiritually I mean. It is now time to awaken from your long sleep. Time to re-connect to the Source of all that is, the Source of Light!

What is hibernation?  To be in an inactive or dormant state or period.   Have you been spiritually inactive or dormant?  It is now time to Awaken from Hibernation!

Sometimes we are taken in by the news, the violence and crime in the country, or the value of our Rand or Politics? But none of that actually matters. Once you have reconnected to Source and you are living consciously in the Now moment, as I endeavor to do every day, you will realize that none of that is of any concern. All that really matters is what happens right now, right where you are.

Do you have air to breathe? A warm bed to sleep in at night? Food to eat? Then you are richer than most of the people on this planet. Be grateful and start rejoicing! Look around you, you are blessed.

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Have a lovely day further,
With love,
Beverley-Anne (Lightwarrior)

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