Ascension symptoms

As per my observations I have noticed that people are experiencing similar ascension symptoms:

Have you been noticing numbers popping up like 11:11 0r 17:17 or 23:23?  I surely have and know of many others who are experiencing the same.

Time seems to have sped up for many of us.  It seems that just last week it was Christmas, but, surprise, surprise, it is almost half way through the year!  Where has the time gone?  Our perception of time is changing, as we are going through the ascension process.

Have you experienced feelings of total exhaustion, or flu like symptoms?  Many people are, due to the ascension energy updates.

People are experiencing realizations or things happening to them, only to find that others are experiencing the same things?  Like a mass consciousness realization.  Old beliefs are being questioned and people are questioning their existence.  Many people of leaving religion and going on a spiritual path outside of religion.

Some people are feeling someone touching sensations on their shoulder or hand, only to find no-one there.  Others are seeing flashes of light, or images in there peripheral vision, but when looked at directly there is nothing there.  I have also been hearing someone calling my name, quite regularly lately, but there is never anyone actually calling me.  The reason for this is that the veil is thinning between the dimensions.

Many are also starting to understand spiritual concepts that they did not understand before.  They are having light bulb moments.  These spiritual concepts are moving from knowing to understanding and eventually embodying them.  The penny is dropping so to speak.

Some are feeling as if they are taking two steps forward, and then one step back.  One week they are feeling on top of the world, eating healthily and grounding and meditating and doing all the right things and feelings of being on top of the world,  Then the next week they feel depressed, emotional and on a rollercoaster.  This is normal, as the ascension process is not an easy process.  Don’t be hard on yourself, and love yourself unconditionally.

Source gave me the Transmutation Process (TMP) to assist with the ascension process to the 5th dimension.  I have created a workshop based on the TMP and invite you to find out more by checking my website

In love and light

Beverley-Anne (Lightwarrior)

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