10 Ways to Raise our Vibrations

It’s a simple, daily practice that has a profound, long-lasting effect.

To raise our vibrations physically we need to incorporate the following three things into our daily routine:

1.  Diet – We are what we eat.

Eat fresh food

Eat a healthy and balanced diet.  Fresh foods such as organic fruits and vegetables are naturally higher in frequency than processed, fried and sugary foods. Drinking enough water (at least 2 litres per day) as well as getting enough sleep (at least 7 hours) all play important roles in raising our vibrations.




2.  Exercise – Slight movement of the body.

When we move our bodies, we are moving our energy.  Anything from Yoga, dance or gentle walking will get those energies moving.  A walk in nature always manages to rejuvenate and get the creative juices flowing.  If we are sitting at a desk for long periods of time, we should go for a walk outside and soon we will feel inspired.

3.  Acts of Service – Feel Good Acts.

Feel good

Anything that lifts our mood, and lets us feel good, also raises our vibrations.  Laughing, singing, hugging, playing with a child, or an animal, hot baths, getting a massage, or gardening to mention a view.  The list goes on and on. Whatever makes us feel good, will raise our vibrations.  The practice of love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion for others as well as ourselves, will raise our vibrations.  Anything that makes us feel love and joy with bring a high frequency.

To raise our vibrations emotionally we need to take note of the following two items:

 4.  Being Authentic – True to ourself.

As we established earlier, happiness raises our vibrations.  So, we need to learn to allow ourselves to feel all emotions, including the so-called negative ones, such as anger, fear etc.  Learn to feel the emotion to the fullest, and then move through the emotion.  We need to find out what is causing the emotion, and deal with it, if we need to.  Keeping a journal or writing a letter to someone, helps us get it off our chest and to understand why we have reacted in a certain way.

To move through the emotion we can imagine it moving through us.  See it as an object, a shape or a colour and then see it moving through our body and out of our feet into the earth.

5.  Self Love – Me, Myself and I.

Take care of yourself

Love and nurturing ourselves is very important to raise our vibrations.  This includes the company we keep, and the people we choose to be associated with.  We need to try to be around people who appreciate us and are understanding.  We must also remember to monitor our emotional input:  the media, news, movies etc.  Anything that we pay attention to, will affect our vibrations.  Remember that our sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.  We must be careful what we say to others, because our sub-conscious believes that we are all that exists and that we are saying those things to ourselves!

 To increase our vibrations mentally the following two will apply

6.  Mindless chatter – Change the stories we tell.

Filtering the stories we tell ourselves and those around us is a great way of stimulating desirable thoughts and emotions in ourselves.  By changing our negative beliefs, we will change the way we think.  Further, we need to change the stories that we tell, to stories that are positive and serve our personal growth.

7.  Positive thinking – Change our negative thoughts.

Sandwiching a negative thought with two positive thoughts is a quick way to get out of the negative thinking rut.  Thoughts of gratitude are very powerful. As soon as we become aware of a negative thought, we must immediately think on something that we are grateful for.  Bless a person who has something that we are envious of, or if someone has harmed us.  We need to do it quietly, but by blessing them we automatically have a positive, grateful feeling that goes with the positive thought.  I say positive affirmations if I find negative thinking coming up, which takes my mind off those thoughts.

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The last three will help us to raise our vibrations spiritually:

 8.  Meditation – Be Still and Know that I am…

Meditation is one of the spiritual practices that helps us to feel calm.  It is a fabulous way to relax as well as to connect to Source.  Meditation is also the fastest way to raise our vibrations.  There are many ways that a person can meditate.  By doing menial tasks, such as washing dishes, reading, appreciating a sun set or painting.

9.  Energy Healing – Spiritual Healing.

Energy Healing and Aura Balancing

There are several holistic healing modalities, such as Reiki, Crystal Healing and DNA Activation which work directly with our energy fields, and can release old, stale energy and fill us with life force energy, thereby transmuting lower frequencies into higher vibrations.

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10.  Grounding – Aura and Chakra Balancing.

Grounding can be achieved by hugging a tree, or walking barefoot on the grass or earth.  Another way is to imagine a beautiful, bright light that flows in through the crown of our head, and fills us with amazing, white light.  The light travels through every part of our body, taking with it anything that no longer serves us, as it goes out of our feet and into the ground.

Aura Cleansing and Chakra balancing we can be practiced on ourselves by using guided visualisations, or by using a pendulum or our imagination.

We can also visualize a bright light originating from our heart centre, expanding around us to form a cocoon of white light.  The light surrounding us will keep us safe from any negative environment or situation, wherever we go.

For more please see: http://www.lightwarrior.co.za/energetic-emotional-healing/

Like everything, the more we commit to integrating these little acts into our lives, the easier and more natural they will become.   And once we start seeing the benefits these will become regular practices that will raise our vibration and keep us in a bubble of happines and wellbeing.

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